Policies and Code's of Conduct

Gyrus Olympic Gymnastics Club have adopted the following British Gymnastics policies in relation to Child Protection and Health and Safety; the following documents are copies of the those policies along with the clubs codes of conduct.  

By accepting a place in the club for yourself or your child, you are agreeing to abide by these policies and codes of conduct that Gyrus Olympic Gymnastics Club have adopted.

Safeguarding & Compliance

We have a duty of care to all children and young people that participate in gymnastics to ensure all have a safe, fun, positive experience and are able to fulfil their potential. This includes taking the necessary steps to safeguard them and promote their welfare whilst in our care.

Our safeguarding procedures and practice mean that we can provide a safe place for children and young people to engage with us and participate in gymnastics.  We want the public to have confidence in the work we do for the most vulnerable children and young people in our society. Ensuring safeguarding runs as a golden thread through all that we do is part of building that confidence with the public.

To this end we have adopted our governing bodies policies which are update annually.

The following link provides the details of these policies.

Health & Safety


Gyrus Olympic Gymnastics Club regards the health, safety and welfare of all members to be of paramount importance, which should not be compromised.  To this end, it is our policy to ensure so far as is reasonably practicable, that procedures are in place to maintain a safe and healthy environment not only for our members but also for other people who may be affected by the activities of the club.

Gyrus Olympic Gymnastics Club have for this reason adopted the policies as laid out by our governing body, British Gymnastics, in response to government legislation on health and safety.  The policy document goes on to explain what is required in turn of clubs, affiliated organisations and members.   It is essential reading for all our staff who are involved in running the gymnastics club, or providing gymnastics activities under the auspices of British Gymnastics. 

Equality and Diversity

Gyrus Olympic Gymnastics Club subscribes to the principles of equality of opportunity and strives to ensure that anyone participating in gymnastics is able to do so in an environment free from any form of discrimination, victimisation and harassment.

To this end Gyrus Olympic Gymnastics Club have adopted the British Gymnastics Equatlity and Diversity polices aiming to make our club and our sport open and accessible to everyone who wants to be involved. We believe that all members, volunteers, staff and job applicants are entitled to be treated fairly regardless of sex, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, age, marriage and civil partnership, parental or marital status, pregnancy and maternity, disability, religion or belief, colour, race including nationality or ethnicity and socio/economic background. We value diversity and recognises the contributions that people from different background or different experiences can bring to the organisation.

Gyrus Codes of Conduct

Gyrus Olympic Gymnastics Club is a registered club with British Gymnastics, and as such are responsible for the standards of conduct and behaviour of those associated with our Club as officials, staff, members, volunteers or otherwise.
Gyrus Olympic Gymnastics are there fore responsible for putting in place measures to manage the conduct of those involved with our club.
As a registered club Gyrus Olympic Gymnastics Club must support those who are subject to the BG Standards of Conduct for Coaches and Officials and/or the BG Standards of Conduct for Participants to comply with these Standards.   Therefore we are responsible for ensuring our coaches, members and volunteers receive guidance and appropriate training to understand their responsibilities under the above policies and ensure that any activities they undertake are carried out in accordance to our standards of conduct.